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Woolf proved to be an innovative and influential 20th Century author.

Virginia Woolf Biography

In some of her novels she moves away from the use of plot and structure to employ stream-of-consciousness to emphasise the psychological aspects of her characters. Themes in her works include gender relations, class hierarchy and the consequences of war. Woolf was among the founders of the Modernist movement which also includes T.

The effects of bi-polar disorder at times caused Woolf protracted periods of convalescence, withdrawing from her busy social life, distressed that she could not focus long enough to read or write. And why? The subject of suicide enters her stories and essays at times and she disagreed with the perception that it is an act of cowardice and sin. When Virginia was not depressed she worked intensely for long hours at a time. During her life and since her death she has been the subject of much debate and discussion surrounding the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her half-brother, her mental health issues and sexual orientation.

Also, her pacifist political views in line with Bloomsbury caused controversy. From Three Guineas ;.

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Ramsay in To The Lighthouse Virginia had two brothers, Thoby and Adrian who became a psychoanalyst. She also had four half-siblings; Laura Makepeace Stephen , and George , Gerald [who would found Duckworth and Co. Publishing] and Stella Duckworth. A number of the Stephen relatives were friends of Scottish historian and author Thomas Carlyle. Many other successful Victorian authors of the time were regular visitors to their bustling home in Hyde Park including Henry James and George Eliot ; Virginia would write an article about her for the Times Literary Supplement in Her father had a massive library so she and her sister were not without material although Virginia would soon reject the values and morals of their generation.

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Virginia had vivid and fond memories of these times which often had an influence on her writing including visits to a nearby lighthouse. However they ended when her mother died; she was just thirteen years old and suffered the first major breakdown of many that would plague her off and on the rest of her life. The death of Stella, who had become like a mother to Virginia and the death of her father caused another period of profound depression. Vanessa then moved her sister and brothers to another neighborhood in London, Bloomsbury.

Virginia was feeling better and by was writing in earnest articles and essays, and became a book reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement. In Virginia, Vanessa and their brothers traveled to Europe, where Thoby contracted typhoid fever and died from in Back in England the Bloomsbury Group was flourishing, their home a meeting place for writers, scholars and artists including Clive Bell, artist and art critic, who Vanessa married They would not stay together for long.

Virginia Woolf

After his third proposal, Virginia finally married left-wing political journalist, author and editor Leonard Woolf on 10 August They would have no children. In when World War I broke out they were living in Richmond and Woolf was working on her first novel The Voyage Out a satirical coming-of-age story;. Leonard and Virginia would themselves get into the publishing business, together founding the Hogarth Press in Works by T. Night and Day was followed by her short story collection Monday or Tuesday and essays in The Common Reader One of her more popular novels, it was adapted to the screen in In they received word that their London home had been destroyed.

Leonard as usual was ever vigilant to the onset of the next major depressive episode in his wife; she would get migraine headaches and lay sleepless at night.

Biographical Profile of Virginia Woolf

However, he and her doctor, who had seen her the day before, would never intuit that her next one was to be her last. Virginia Woolf died on 28 March when she drowned herself in the River Ouse near their home in Sussex, by putting rocks in her coat pockets. She had left two similar suicide notes, one possibly written a few days earlier before an unsuccessful attempt.

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Published: 31 Oct Storms and solitude: the literature of lighthouses. They have exerted a hypnotic pull on writers for generations, from Robert Louis Stevenson, who came from a dynasty of lighthouse builders, to Virginia Woolf, whose family returned every year to a house overlooking a Cornish beacon. Published: 23 Oct Mrs Dalloway review — a cacophonous take on Virginia Woolf's classic 2 out of 5 stars. Published: 2 Oct The whole story: William Boyd on why we love novels that span a lifetime. In writings not widely known until after her death, she described being sexually abused by her older stepbrothers, George and Gerald Duckworth.

Scholars have often discussed how this trauma might have complicated her mental health, which challenged her through much of her life. She had periodic nervous breakdowns, and depression ultimately claimed her life. The writing desk became her refuge. Through Bloomsbury, Virginia also met writer Leonard Woolf, and they married in The Bloomsbury Group had no clear philosophy, although its members shared an enthusiasm for leftish politics and a general willingness to experiment with new kinds of visual and literary art.

And once trapped within the sweet, sticky filament of her web of words, one is left with no wish whatever to be set free. Even so, Leonard and Virginia remained close, buying a small printing press and starting a publishing house, Hogarth Press, in Leonard thought it might be a soothing diversion for Virginia—perhaps the first and only case of anyone entering book publishing to advance their sanity. If Virginia Woolf had never published a single word of her own, her role in Hogarth would have secured her a place in literary history.

Eliot, and Forster. But, as the novel unfolds over a decade, we see the subtle working of time and how it shapes the perceptions of various characters.

Even as she welcomed literary experiment, Woolf grew wistful about the future of the traditional letter, which she saw being eclipsed by the speed of news-gathering and the telephone. Almost as if to disprove her own point, Woolf wrote as many as six letters a day. Her letters, published in several volumes, shimmer with brilliant detail.

In a letter written during World War II, for example, Woolf interrupts her message to Benedict Nicolson to go outside and watch the German bombers flying over her house. Then I dipped into your letter again.