Victory: The Secret Formula of How to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Michael Jordan. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence.

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Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true. Wake up with a smile and go after life… Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it. Create the kind of self that will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny; inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

October 23, No Comments. Chapin Jr. Wanting to win is. Patton Jr. Success Taking Action. Previous Post Next Post. You may also like November 16, September 17, September 25, Customers continue to read the bulletin board of reviews while eating their meal. Squidward and SpongeBob continue serving the meals to the customers. Random customers put pictures on the bulletin board as well. The scene changes to Mr. Krabs gluing money on the walls of his office. The community bulletin board is a good thing.

Yes it is. It's bringing me closer to my favorite part of the community. Their money! His scream causes the money to fall off the wall and makes Mr. Krabs fall into his sack. I just love to shriek! You're blocking me money-makin' bulletin board! Krabs moves SpongeBob away from the bulletin board and Dave reads the blue paper.

Part 2. Success Quotes That Are…

Krabs becomes nervous and goes to remove the review. What's with the censorship? The community bulletin board is for everybody. You can't just take somethin' down because you think it's bogus. Krabs, Surfer Fish is right. The board is sacred and it must be respected. Then he writes on a small pink paper. Signed, Fry-Banshee Crisis averted.

But he sees another note. More like crisis dumb-blurted. Then he sees more notes on the board. Where are all these notes coming from? Krabs is going around selling paper and pencils to the customers so they can write notes for the bulletin board. Pencils, paper! Why not? And don't forget to feed your hatred with a selection from our menu! He then walks through the crowd. He's cool because He's a nanny-mouse. He's a true hero for our troubled times.

He examines them closely and takes out a compass to see how round it is. Uh, maybe just a little off the edge here. I'll just even it up a little here. However, he ended up splattering it all over the place and made the Krabby Patties into a lump of meat. I should have put it on the bulletin board instead. The customers and Mr. Krabs cruelly laugh at SpongeBob's humiliation.

Heh, heh. Hey, you know all this note-writing must be making you folks hungry. We have a short line at the register. Krabs that they've brought bag lunches. Wait a second. None of you bulletin board browsers are buying me patties! Krabs sniffs his armpit and crumbles to dust. Then he comes back up again. Krabs facepalms himself in disgust. SpongeBob walks up to Patrick in tears. He's been saying terrible things about me and the Krusty Krab. He said that the Krusty Krab made him feel dark and empty inside.

A master of acid-wit like P-Star7 would never express himself so clumsily. He called me Cry-Baby That's what he is! SpongeBob is shown wearing a snowsuit, a hat, and earmuffs in the kitchen. Krabs, the grill's gone cold. It's that cursed cork board! I'm gonna take it down! It's nothing but trouble! It's for the community! I'll still believe in the power of the bulletin board! Oh, that is it! Why can't any of these yocals understand I'm working here?

P-Star7 has your number alright. This bulletin board has become a bullying board! I'd like to send him a message. Gentlemen, I propose a stakeout! SpongeBob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are in the register boat as they are prepared to catch P-Star7. Come in, Maddaddy. I read you, Pineapple1. Any movement? Pineapple1 to Delicate Flower. Come in, Delicate Flower. Krabs looks around.

Maintain radio silence. Wait a minute. I see something. The figure stops under a nearby table and licks up a ketchup stain with his tongue. Krabs hide in the register boat. The mysterious figure walks up to the bulletin board and sticks another note on it. Krabs turns on the light and the mysterious figure turns out to be none other than Patrick Star. SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs is going to hurt him. However, Mr. Krabs moves Patrick away and breaks his cork board into a million pieces. Then he removes all of the random notes off of the entire restaurant and tosses them all outside on the street.

I was upset that people take everything I say the wrong way. It wasn't you. It was never you. We were the monsters all along. Krabs felt sorry about their actions and took pity on Patrick. Krabs resumes his anger. And you all are joining me! Especially you, Delicate Flower. Krabs knitting with the sweet old lady at the Shady Shoals Rest Home. Can I needle you for a little more yarn? Later, it's again another beautiful day at the Krusty Krab. Krabs once again foils another one of Plankton's attempts to steal the secret Krabby Patty formula and carries him outside through the front doors.

Krabs kicks Plankton out and sends him flying through the air, over some of the Bikini Bottomites, and lands on the ground. Plankton's landing makes him slide face down and hits Sandy's boot. I bet you tried to get that formula again. A crab's brain is smaller than the point of a pencil, but he keeps outsmarting me! Krabs would have to be as dumb as Patrick.

As dumb as Patrick! The stream turned out to be droll of Patrick who is fast asleep under his rock. Plankton canoes into Patrick's mouth. Plankton then puts his helmet on turns on the light. Suddenly, a vibration shakes inside Patrick's mouth and his tongue shakes Plankton off. You will not lick me! Plankton shrieks as he finds this gross. Plankton whacks the tongue again with his swab and the tongue falls. Just then, Patrick unexpectedly burps out gases. Plankton changes the canoe into a plane and flies out of Patrick's mouth. Later, Plankton is seen at the Chum Bucket cooking some sauce on the stove.

Karen comes in. What's that awful stench? You're not boiling your underpants again, are you? And if you must know, I made sauce. You always make a mess. Plankton laughs evilly as he dips the swab with Patrick's saliva into the sauce. However, the sauce boils a big bubble. Plankton accidentally pops the bubble with the swab and sauce gets splattered onto him.

However, the sauce caused Plankton's body to become like Patrick's body and Plankton began to act dumb. Plankton plays with his lips as the steam from the sauce goes up the chimney and get absorbed into a cloud. The cloud goes over Bikini Bottom and rains the sauce over the town. Soon, everyone ended up acting as dumb as Patrick. The next day, Sandy comes out of her treedome and notices the townsfolk is acting very strangely and appeared to be dumb as Patrick.

She goes to Squidward's house and sees it has a clown wig and a clown nose on it. Squidward is outside his house acting very dumb. But this morning everyone seems as dumb as traffic cones. He jumps and continues running. The scene changes to the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob is on the ground flipping dirt with his spatula. Then he somewhat makes a patty out of the dirt. He laughs and runs off to a crowd of people surrounding a stop sign. Patrick comes with a yellow balloon and is still riding the skateboard upside down.

Have you noticed that everyone's acting a lot like you today? Patrick lifts his head up. Sandy sees Mr. Krabs laughing and throwing money everywhere. Krabs pulls out the bottle containing the secret formula, opens it and eats it. He burps out the formula into dozens of pieces. Puff being pushed on her boat upside down by Billy and pretends to drive her boat. Tom is seen wearing the shower curtain and his brushing his back with the scrub brush.

Nat Peterson is seen riding his bike sideways on the round while hitting his head against a rock. The several people are chasing a jellyfish who stings them when they touch it. Now, I know everyone's got a hole in their screen door. This place is ground zero for zero. Sandy is seen talking to Karen as she is explaining what's going on. I guess you weren't affected because you were protected by your treedome.

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Looks like it's up to us to find a cure for the town's idiocy. Me Plankton! What's the opposite of dim? Maybe we can feed him something for brain food. You're smart. What do you eat? You know him. How do you get him to change? Get smart, dummy! Being smart takes work. A free education for all! There's no more excuse for being a dope!

Step right up all you morons! Classes are now beginning! This isn't working! The Bikini Bottomites see the keys and goes in. Later, Karen and Sandy are in a classroom. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. She gives him a demonstration. Jimmy chews on the pants, but realizes it's not something to eat. Jimmy puts his pants on backwards, but Sandy gives him a thumbs-up. In doing so, the point on Jimmy's head gets smaller. Karen is in the other classroom teaching the students how to eat.

She demonstrates on how to eat with a spoon. Frank flips some food at Tom with the spoon and Debbie Rechid dips her head in the food. Nat Peterson seems to get it and ate the food with the spoon. The point on Nat's head gets smaller. In another classroom called Home EC, Mr. Krabs is attempting to make a Krabby Patty. He makes it, but it has the carton of milk in the middle and the patty is on top of the bun. Krabs eats the patty along with the milk carton and the plate.

Karen seemed unsure if that was ok, but gives Mr. Krabs a thumbs up. Day after tomorrow is graduation! And everybody learned so well. You've misspelled every word. Krabs freaks out and drops his books. You holdin' out on me, Krabs? Krabs picks up his books. Leave me alone! Krabs runs off crying.

I want that formula! Plankton opens on the door and SpongeBob comes out. It's the only way you'll learn.

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Graduation Day. And as a treat, Squidward will play Pomp and Circumstance on the clarinet. Meanwhile, in Home EC, Mr. Krabs is busy making a Krabby Patty. They're handing out the diplomas. I think I've perfected the Krabby Patty formula! That's it! Well, see ya out there. Krabs finishes writing the formula but when he sees Plankton, he hides it in his graduation gown.

What are you doin' here? No need to be formal. Call me Sheldon. That's perfection! Well, with this recipe, I could own the most popular fast food restaurant in Bikini Bottom! Not that! Anything but that! You're smart now! It's funny that Mr. Krabs never showed up to get his diploma. The only two people who didn't show up are Mr.

Krabs and Plankton. No running in the halls! Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is cornered by Plankton and he reluctantly gives the formula to him. Krabs, your diploma! Krabs catches it, preventing him from giving the formula to Plankton. If I knew education worked like that, I would have bought a diploma years ago! I took accelerated classes and graduated months ago! This diploma is just a formality! You were scared of me! Acting class?! Krabs stuffs Plankton in his diploma and blows him out the window. Plankton was sent flying onto Karen's computer screen where she turns on the laugh track.

Time to start your post-college years. Transition to outside of SpongeBob's house. Let's take a peek inside, shall we? No one to talk to? Why not write to a total stranger? Oh, I've never had a pen pal! He sharpens his pencil with his teeth like a pencil sharpener. He lays on the floor and begins writing on the paper. I love frying and I'm very good at it. Sincerely, your new best friend! Now for the envelope. However, when he came back, Gary is slithering slime all over his letter.

You'll spot my masterpiece!

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SpongeBob picks up his letter, now covered in slime. It looks as if the domesticated snail has unintentionally deformed the word "Frying. Norton closes the mailbox and sighs as he walks off. SpongeBob bursts out of his mailbox and runs inside his house. SpongeBob opens the envelope and begins the read. You know how to fly? What does he mean by What did I tell you? What a silly misunderstanding. I wish I could watch you fly, because I am dying! Not Pen Pal! Gary is grossed out and slithers away.

He died disappointed. The mailbox sinks into the ground as lightning flashes the sky. SpongeBob's imagination ends. SpongeBob comes up with an idea and jumps on his chair. Boy, do I love flying! Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly! Norton closes the mail slot and sighs as he walks off. SpongeBob opens the envelope with his nose and begins the read. Please meet me there so I can finally see you fly?! What have I done? I can't fly, Gary! I'm not a flier! I'm a liar! Gary throws water at SpongeBob to calm him down.

Inside, Sandy is working on one of her inventions. I did a very bad thing! Take these. They're clean. It's not that. I lied! You're twitchin' like a prairie dog on a cow-skin rug. But he eventually gives in. He takes a deep breath and as talks to her, bubbles foam around his helmet. And I don't think I ever mean it, but now I have to! He doesn't see me fly and I don't know how! If I don't fly, he'll die disappointed! I made a horrible mistake, Sandy! Please help! And I can help you with that! Controls, check. On the screen, it shows a video game version of an airplane getting ready to fly. As SpongeBob begins his flight training, the airplane on the screen starts flying.

How are ya doing in there? I've forgot to feed Gary. Alright, let's try that again! The scene changes to SpongeBob in a wooden airplane tied up with a rope. I tied ya up to a rope so you won't be able to go too far off course. I'm actually doing it! Good enough. The scene changes to the Bikini Bottom Air Show where pilots are preparing to entertain the audience with their planes. SpongeBob walks into the arena with a pilot suit on and is ready to perform in the show.

He sees an old man on a wheel chair, coughing. SpongeBob rushes over to meet him. Oh, you pretty, pretty pen pal you. I promise to fly to the best of my ability just for you. The old man coughs up a Krabby Patty that had been stuck in his throat. That was a close one! What was that guy talking about? Boys and girls! Feast your eyes upon one daring, death-defying, the Polaris, the incredible, flying sponge!

Don't die. Fly a few seconds lower to the ground. So simple. SpongeBob turns around and sees a strange figure that looked like the grim reaper. SpongeBob shrieks. You need a scythe? Steve's got ya covered! One scythe fits all! You'll be, uh, just fine. The bronco is loose! I repeat, the bronco is loose!

SpongeBob pulls down the lever and the plane starts to fly. The audience cheers in astonishment. I'm flying! I can't believe you can actually fly like you said in your letter! You're Pen Pal? You're not dying! Oh, oh! You didn't read the whole letter! It says, "I wish I could watch you fly because I am dying! Here are some other things I like to see: candy rain, a firetruck full of clowns, and SpongeBob screams in fear and he accidentally makes to plane fly out of control. The plane's wing scoops Patrick up and Patrick falls into the cockpit.

The plane turns around and gets its landing gear caught on a candy stand. SpongeBob continues to scream until Patrick takes the letter off SpongeBob's face. SpongeBob desperately tries to control the plane and makes it fly upwards. The plane is now flying upside down and begins to rain candy from the candy stand as the firefighters gives a chase. The kids and the vendor ran away and the plane flies upwards. The candy stand hits the ice cream stand and splatters ice cream all over Sandy and the firefighters, making them appear with clown faces.

The plane then spirals out of control and flies directly into a first class airplane.

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  • The airplane splits into two halves. SpongeBob and Patrick gasps in horror when they see the plane's left wing is falling apart. Here, take the controls! SpongeBob fixes the wing and the plane continues to fly out of control. The plane then scoops up Abigail Marge, who is playing tennis with Sadie, and Perry, who is acting as referee. The firetruck with Sandy and the firefighters continues chasing after SpongeBob's plane. SpongeBob and Abigail play tennis as the plane continues to fly. SpongeBob hits the tennis ball and accidentally breaks Abigail's racket.

    Check and check! Who's flying the plane?! The plane begins to break down and shakes Abigail and Perry off. Sandy and the firefighters catch Perry and Abigail with a safety net. The plane flies around and is now driven off course. We're going down! SpongeBob and Patrick scream in terror. But just as the plane is about to hit the ground, it stops in midair. SpongeBob and Patrick stop screaming. SpongeBob sees that the plane's gas tank is completely empty. We ran out of gas. I've got this! Sandy and the firefighters arrive and try to put out the fire caused by the plane crash.

    SpongeBob and Patrick exit the plane unharmed. This time, SpongeBob takes it. Well, if you don't mind, I have a couple of other things I'd like to see. Plankton walks out on the roof and appears to be covering something in his wagon with an old rag. Ready to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula!

    Prepare to initiate plan number What's the number? Oh well. Who cares? Move it, move it, move it! I'm about to show you the advantage of not having a nose. Say hello to The customers think Mr. Stinky is a cat and look at it in awe. Gather in real close. Stinky's helmet lights up and the helmet lets in a bumble bee. Stinky gets really scared and sprays fumes of his horrible smell all over the Krusty Krab. The customers including Squidward couldn't take the smell and ran out of the restaurant.

    The fumes went into the kitchen where SpongeBob was flipping Krabby Patties. I'll save you! But because the stench smelled so terrible, he teared up. Krabs, disturbed by the noise, comes out of his office. Krabs sniffs the air. But when he smelled the skunk fumes, his eyes turned green and popped like balloons. Krabs run out with fumes all over them. A firefighter sprays the fumes off of them with a hose. Krabs, are you alright? What happened? Me eyes were burnin'! All I saw was a little eyeball and a pair of antenna and With me secret formula!

    He could be doing anything with it! Krabs lets go of SpongeBob and takes off his nose. Krabs walks back into the restaurant and, using SpongeBob's hand as a fan, waves some of the fumes away for him to see where he's going. Stinky eats the bumble bee and didn't notice Mr. Krabs sneaking past him. Krabs makes it to his office and sees Plankton planting dynamite sticks around the safe. Because these drumsticks really go bongo! Krabs' desk, creating a loud explosion.

    As the smoke clears, the safe opens. But much to Plankton's chargin, there is another safe inside. The old safe in the safe routine? Krabs grabs Plankton with SpongeBob's arm. You're the meat in me knuckle sandwich! Krabs crushes Plankton with his fists. Plankton is now spattered on his left fist.

    I see the problem. He uses his spatula to scoop Plankton off of Mr. Krabs' fist. Krabs opens the window and SpongeBob flings Plankton out with his spatula. Stinky out of the restaurant, puts him in a basket tied with balloons, and lets him float back up to the surface. However, the wind blows the balloons and makes the basket go the other direction. The basket floats into Bikini Bottom where Mr. Stinky sprays his fumes once more. The Bikini Bottomites frantically scream and run around as the horrible smell drives them crazy.

    Back in the restaurant, SpongeBob blows the fumes out with a fan. That was too close my lad. Three more safes and he would've had me secret formula. Krabs unlocks the second safe. Krabs pushes the buttons on the third safe and opens up, revealing a steel container inside. Krabs takes it out and puts it on his desk.

    Krabs pushes the buttons on the container and it opens up, revealing the bottle with the secret formula inside. Krabs throws away the container and pounds on his desk. The vibrations of Mr. Krabs' fists shakes the room which also made SpongeBob drop the bottle. Krabs, how do you know it will be safe from Plankton at my house? He'll think it's still here! His tiny brain is incapable of the kind of abstract thinking that is required for reflection. Or thoughtful reasoning and deduction. He cannot ruminate. Krabs talks to SpongeBob, the antenna Plankton lost was recording everything and Plankton was listening from outside.

    He's a tired clown. He'll never know it's in your house! I'm much too simple-minded to look there! SpongeBob quietly sneaks out and tries to go home with the secret formula. Plankton is seen standing by the sign. It's a very nighty-night for a walkie. Hey, nothing gets past you. One could say you have the formula for honesty. One could say that I guess. Uh, anyway. I gotta go wash my formula. I gotta go wash my hair! Uh, good night, Plankton. Plankton paused for a bit but relaxes. Gotta keep that hair clean and in a safe place. I'm entrusting you with the secret formula.

    Don't let anyone inside. He sees SpongeBob leave his home to work at the Krusty Krab. Plankton laughs and comes up with a plan. Inside SpongeBob's house, Gary guards the door until he hears a knock. Plankton gently pets Gary's snail, but Gary growls angrily at him. Is SpongeBob..

    Essay on Success: Top 8 Essays on Success

    I'm selling Sweetie Patrol cookies! We have a lovely assortment of fungi and algae flavors. If you order ten boxes, I'll qualify for my bottom-dweller badge. If you order a hundred boxes, I'll get my bling-bling badge. You know, you should hide these from your roommate. She'll eat all of them. Plankton got so mad, he threw the cookie box on the ground and the box exploded.

    Gary comes out of the house. As he goes to look for Plankton, a hole is seen on the bottom of the house. Inside, it's revealed that the hole was made by Plankton who was actually biting his way in. Plankton spits the pineapple out of his mouth. As Gary slithered by his litter box, Plankton pops his head out. Gary looked suspiciously at his litter box, but continues looking for Plankton. Where is it? Gotta be here somewhere. He knocks over the table and looks in the shellphone. Plankton jumps on the wall and rips of wallpaper off. I know you're in here! You're not foolin' anybody!

    I went to college! He climbs on the stove and knocks over the fridge. Then he knocks over the stove, walks through the pipe and went into the cupboards. He comes out with a turkey baster. Plankton thought that the baster could come in handy and puts it in his pocket. Gary is napping in SpongeBob's room until he hears the commotion from downstairs. Plankton manages to hide himself from Gary. Once the coast is clear, he runs upstairs to SpongeBob's room. Gary spots Plankton going upstairs and shutting the door.

    Plankton searches through SpongeBob's room to find the formula. On his way down, he slips on Gary's slime, lands and bounces off a mattress and gets flown into the ceiling fan. The fan spins him around and throws him through the basketball net. Plankton falls through the pipe and lands on a record player. Gary snickers as he caught Plankton into his trap.

    The player spins Plankton around until he gets caught on the needle. The player flies Plankton onto a board and he lands on a puddle of glue where he gets stuck. The bowling ball on the stool rolls down and board, squishes Plankton, rolls across the floor, and hits ten flower pots like knocking down bowling pins. Then a small vacuum cleaner comes out, sucks up the dirt and broken pottery, and traps Plankton inside.

    Plankton pops out of the vacuum gasping for air. Let's go! Just you and me! Put 'em up! During the fight, Plankton notices an opening in Gary's shell. What a fool I've been! Inside, the shell has random things covered in slime. This place is disgusting! I bet it reeks.

    Good thing I don't have a nose. It wasn't long until SpongeBob returned home from work. I had it bronzed! Oh, and I was gonna give that to my grandchildren! Oh, I could've worn them a thousand more times! Oh, the Krabby Patty formula!