The Paratwa (Book Three of the Paratwa Saga)

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For readers who are not familiar with the Liege-Killer universe, explain where Binary Storm sits in it.

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It occurs about 80 years into our future, in the late twenty-first century. In terms of the other three books, they pick up several hundred years later. When I created him years ago I thought of Nick not so much as an upfront character in the midst of the action, but more of a behind-the-scenes character, manipulating things, which he does through all the novels, including Binary Storm. The superman characters can be overrated. Putting the beautiful Annabel or Bel into the mix and creating a love interest for Nick added some depth to the novel.

Nick has no real female companionship in the later books.

I thought I would have him develop a loving relationship with someone. Bel is very politically savvy, and someone who is connected with the early days of E-tech, which monitors technology and prevents it developing too quickly. Sosoome is a very advanced robot shaped roughly like a cat. Very smart, but Nick has programmed him to be a wiseass and not always very friendly.

Nick did that so he would have someone to play off. This means Sosoome is not a typical robot companion who says just what it thinks the owner wants to hear. He wanted Sosoome to constantly challenge him. I noticed that even the focused Paratwa assassins had more depth to them than just killing machines.

The ruling breed of Paratwa of the late twenty-first century, where Binary Storm takes place, uses these assassins as tools to do their dirty work. They have become official enemies of the state.

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Added to that they all have different agendas. I had plenty of inspiration from the real world.

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So I just tried to take that and mirrored it to give the story a realistic feel. Is it something you think about quite a bit?


Binary Storm gives the impression you have a sense of excitement at going back in and exploring it again. Binary Storm took me about 10 months from start to finish. That was a much faster pace than I was used to with my earlier books. It came about that I kept thinking about that story in that month period fairly regularly, even to the point of waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about a plot element, which I would write down in a notebook by my bed before I forgot it. That way I would be constantly incorporating notes into the story throughout the day.

Sadly, Binary Storm sits waiting on my counter until i finish while I plodding through Paradise Lost and Dracula for school.

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If you get the chance to hear it read it really changes the way you think about the prose. Books like Binary Storm are ultimately as a result of older literature. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Ratings 1 5. Ash Ock The Paratwa Saga, 2.

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Type: speculative fiction Speculative fiction is a broad umbrella category of narrative fiction referring to any fiction story that includes elements, settings and characters whose features are created out of imagination and speculation rather than based on attested reality and everyday life. That encompasses the genres of science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror, alternative history, and magic realism.

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