Deep Symbols: Their Postmodern Effacement and Reclamation

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The price we must pay for reenchanting these symbols is reengagement with the master narratives and the transcendent reality they have mediated.


These symbols will not be reenchanted by analysis, by greater conceptual precision, nor by being isolated one from another. Since the master narratives of religious traditions are the sources of deep symbols, citizens will have to reinvest themselves in these traditions if they wish to be formed and empowered by them.

Symbols shape persons and cultures if they are appropriated as symbols. If they are taken as concepts, they will, at best, inform, as they do at present.

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Evidence of their effacement is the endless wrangling that attends their appropriation as concepts. Farley does not spend much time lamenting, so diligent is he in convincingly constructing a way of understanding and remedying our condition.

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Deep symbols. It was cited, for example, as one major reason to move away from memorizing Scripture in Sunday School classes. Successful recital of the text might be showing off, winning against other students.

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  • Careful and profound theologians seem to maintain this negative attitude toward competition as well. Oops, there I go, considering theology a competition.

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    The word, after all, comes from Latin competere to seek, or to strive, together. On reflection, maybe cooperation is not the opposite of competition.

    More likely in our church settings, the opposite of competing is, instead, languishing. Maybe we actually need to think more competitively, embracing those feelings constructively rather than repressing them. The reclaimed classical tradition of character ethics would prompt us to think of some good balance between the com together in the word and the petere striving part of it.

    Competition? Among Christian pastors?

    God made our competitive feelings as well as our collaborative ones. Run in such a way that you may win it. Jim Chatham shows how competition can be used constructively. Two years ahead of me in seminary, he was smart but pretty wooden in those days.

    Deep symbols their postmodern effacement and reclamation

    Not even a poem at the end! The engineer sermons had disappeared: Now he preached deep in respect for the texts, poetic and clear at once. He and I collaborated to teach Bible for layfolk at Louisville Seminary.

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