Buddhist Meditation: An Anthology of Texts from the Pali Canon

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A beautifully accessible guide to meditation by one of the leading Sri Lankan teachers. Bhante Gunaratana has been resident in the US for many years, and his straightforward explanations are couched in easily understood terms. A wide ranging introduction to Buddhist texts from the Golden Age of Buddhist literature.

Dr Conze concentrates on texts intended for the lay person rather than for monastics. One of Burma's greatest contemporary meditation teachers outlines in detail the techniques learned from his teacher, Mahasi Sayadaw. A very useful manual written by two of the best loved western Buddhist teachers.

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Their style is clear and compassionate, and the book includes specific exercises and practices to develop the spiritual faculties. A valuable guide to the path of calm and insight written by this extraordinary German nun, who has done so much to advance the position of women in contemporary Buddhism. Buddhist Ethics by Ven. A classic book from the great Theravadin scholar monk, which explains Buddhist moral codes and their application in daily life.

A clear introduction to metta meditation and useful tools for developing this quality.


Buddhist Meditation: An Anthology of Texts from the Pali Canon by Sarah Shaw

The Sutta-Nipata Translated by Ven. A prose version of one of the oldest and most important collections of Buddhist discourses. One of the most influential Thai teachers introduces and explains the concept of emptiness in Buddhism. Authoritative recent translation of a seminal collection from the Pali Canon.

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A book of encouragement and inspiration for anyone on the spiritual path by one of America's most popular Buddhist teachers. Sharon Salzberg talks about the inevitable ups and downs of meditation practice, the cultivation of wisdom and compassion, and how to bring the benefits of meditation into our everyday lives. Is Buddhism too Asian, to exotic, too difficult a path to fit into turbo-charged, modern-day America?

Dinty W. Moore's delightful attempts to come to grips with these questions and many others will fascinate anyone curious about the wisdom of other cultures and other religions. Drawing upon his own experience as therapist, meditator and patient, Mark Epstein, a New York-based psychiatrist trained in classical Freudian methods, attempts to integrate Western psychotherapy and the teachings of Buddhism.

Repressed memories, painful emotions, narcissism and destructive energies can all be uprooted through Buddha's teaching on suffering, delusion, wisdom and non-attachment. Epstein argues that in recognizing his or her self-created mental suffering, a patient can overcome neurotic behaviors and even overcome a deeply ingrained negative sense of self.

An intimate guide to self-acceptance and discovery that offers a Buddhist perspective on wholeness within the framework of a Western understanding of self. For decades, Western psychology has promised fulfillment through building and strengthening the ego. We are taught that the ideal is a strong, individuated self, constructed and reinforced over a lifetime.

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  • But Buddhist psychiatrist Mark Epstein has found a different way. Based on the premise that the Western notion of self is deeply flawed, Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart shows us that happiness doesn't come from any kind of acquisitiveness, be it material or psychological. Happiness comes from letting go. Weaving together the accumulated wisdom of his two worlds--Buddhism and Western psychotherapy--Epstein shows how "the happiness that we seek depends on our ability to balance the ego's need to do with our inherent capacity to be. Drawing on events in his own life and stories from his patients, Epstein leads us through a series of intimate and emotionally resonant chapters that explore key psychological and spiritual experiences such as emptiness, connection, passion, and relief.

    Highly personal and engaging, Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart teaches us that only by letting go can we start on the path to a more peaceful and spiritually satisfying life. You can imagine how their eyes grow round when Ayya Khema's students are treated to tidbits of her life. We crashed on a cliffside Himalayan road on our way to meet the mir of Hunza Torched by rebels, and I had to decide what to do with my nuns on our island At the age of 55, when most people are mulling how many tulip bulbs to plant for next spring, Ayya Khema took Buddhist vows. She then established three monasteries, arranged Buddhist women's conferences, and gave teachings on a lost meditation technique at venues around the world.

    And that's only the second half of the book. With 25 titles to her credit and an established reputation, Ayya Khema hardly needed more publicity.

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    Fortunately, she gave in to her students' goading, offering not only a fast-paced story but a model of freedom, energy, and accomplishment. Teachings of the Buddha by Jack Kornfield. One of the best-known American-born meditation teachers draws from the most popular sources of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese writings to create a treasury of essential sayings and teachings from Buddhist literature that will appeal to anyone interested in the wisdom of the East.

    Buddhism's message of peace is emphasized over and over again in this book which shows how the compassion and tolerance that will make the world a better place begins at home. This is the first book on Pali Buddhism which introduces the reader to the wide range of the canon. It demonstrates that the Buddha's meditative tradition still offers a path of practice as mysterious, awe-inspiring yet as freshly accessible as it was centuries ago, and will be of interest to students and scholars of Buddhism as well as Buddhist practitioners.

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    By Sarah Shaw. Edition 1st Edition. First Published Imprint Routledge. Pages pages. Subjects Area Studies, Humanities.