Background to the English Civil War

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Interpretations of Charles' actions, the Civil War and the Restoration Traditionalist view of the Civil War In the 19th century, Whig historians saw the Civil War as one more step towards England becoming a successful Protestant democracy. Marxist view of the Civil War Marxist historians believe that all history is a class war. Revisionist view of the Civil War The Revisionists suggested that the Civil War was not the result of long-term developments at all.

Films There have been two significant films Cromwell and To Kill a King , about the Civil War, both of which concentrate on the personality of Oliver Cromwell rather than the events of the Civil War. Where next?

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  8. The ribald diaries of Samuel Pepys give an unparalleled insight into the daily life of Restoration-era Londoners. By Liza Picard, illustrations by Simon Cooper.

    English Civil Wars | Causes, Summary, Facts, & Significance |

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    Oliver Cromwell And The English Civil War - Full Documentary

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    English Civil War

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