3-D Model Recognition from Stereoscopic Cues

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Article in Pattern recognition.

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We enable Attention AI with 3D Eye Tracking

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Quantum-based subgraph convolutional neural networks Zhang, Z. Computer Science.

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Publication details Journal Pattern recognition Date Published - May Issue number 5 Volume 45 Number of pages 12 Pages from-to Original language English Abstract In this paper we show how surface orientation information inferred using shape-from-shading can be used to aid the process of fitting a 3D morphable model to an image of a face. We consider the problem of model dominance and show how shading constraints can be used to refine morphable model shape estimates, offering the possibility of exceeding the maximum possible accuracy of the model. Eyeware solves the problem of eye tracking in dynamic, unconstrained, real-world scenarios.

Our eye tracking software has the following advantages. Our software estimates the gaze vector in 3D and can detect attention towards real objects.


Detecting gaze direction remotely without any glasses or facial markers, which can be used for sensing-only, or for device control. The unique advantages of 3D gaze tracking can power the next generation of multimodal human-machine interaction in social robotics, automotive, smart home, social studies, healthcare, gaming, industrial automation, and advertising.

Official Software Vendor for 3D Sensors

Attention tracking and user engagement for social and service robots. Views and audience analytics with remote eye tracking for digital posters.

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Driver monitoring and assistance, combined with in-car AI for self-driving cars. Dynamic interfaces, foveated rendering, and gaze-based in-game control.

Efficient Multi-cue Scene Segmentation

Context-aware smart appliances with 3D gaze tracking and gaze control. Our technology can be easily adapted and integrated in a large variety of applications. Contact us to start building exciting applications together! Official Software Vendor for 3D Sensors. Patent-Pending Technology.

here No Glasses. Wide Tracking Range.